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One of the biggest challenges seen in the STEM industry, is a lack of UX/UI design for on- and offline publishing. The Bartley Group is a proud design consultant for select divisions of Springer Publishing, which is a leading source of health care books, textbooks and medical journals for medical professionals, professors and universities.

Salary Report 2017

The Antihero's Journey

The Antihero's Journey is a research-based, 7-stage personal development & strategy program designed to motivate and mobilize the Leader, Creative or Entrepreneur who has already tasted their success, but misapplied their talent, and now have a hard time starting again. We call these antiheroes. And they usually have a hard time moving beyond their past failures. The work and research below is from 2014 and will be updated with new applications, commentary and discovery if we reopen our online membership.

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Antihero Research

The culture of shaming has become prevalent in this social media era of technology. Shame is an internal degenerative process that distorts self-perception and impedes personal development. How does one reframe their self-perception after a public humiliation incident? This paper synthesizes a multi-faceted framework to create an online intervention plan that strives to reverse shame by reframing self-perception through metacognition and storytelling.


FULL Antihero application Overview

This 40-page ebook will take you from beginning to end of the Antihero's Journey from a practical approach. The blue color indicates this is an Application document, so it is highly recommended you practice the exercises to become more than just a knowledgeable antihero, but an effective one.


Are You an Antihero?

An antihero is the central character in a story who lacks conventional heroic attributes. After severely doubting his calling, he goes through the process of rebellion, which brings shame, depression and isolation. But he moves past his ruin and chooses to make a complete turnaround and return to honor.


Stage 01: Reservation

Whether you call the Giver God, Fate, Destiny, The Universe, or (arguably) Chance, you did not choose your calling. You did not choose to be born. Your birth will always transcend you. But you were born for your calling, which transcends your birth. The Giver, shaped your path for greatness and gave you inherent gifts and passions that reverberate ridiculously whenever you come close to what you were born to do.


Stage 02: Recognition

There’s no trick or fool-proof system to finding your calling. During the discovery process, you may even confuse your gift with your destiny. The good news is your calling isn't proactively sought and discovered most times. The awareness is given to you just like your calling was.


Stage 03: Rebellion

There's a sense of fulfillment, worth, and excitement when you realize you have a greater purpose beyond you. Up until that point, and every moment after, you have a conscious choice to make: To accept your calling and live accordingly or to reject your calling and live accordingly. You can live rebelliously against the status quo your calling may require you to vaporize or you can live rebelliously against your calling.


Stage 04: Ruin

When you feel there's clearly no turning back and forgiveness becomes laughable, you tighten that noose around your soul and begin jumping from higher and higher platforms of rebellion, hoping to choke any bit of “good conscience” you might have left. But then an event happens that lets you know you've reached an all-time low. It's a rock bottom moment.


Stage 05: Repentance

During your experience of ruin, subtle moments tend to arise when you no longer focus on your depression and humiliation but the actual thoughts that make you feel depressed or humiliated, which give you an opportunity to pivot in a new direction. It's called metacognition. No matter how stubborn or deaf you might be in the state of ruin, a merciful opportunity emerges to make a decision of change. It may be your last opportunity to pivot, based on your willingness to be aware and obedient to your calling, but it's still an opportunity.


Stage 06: Reposition

The process of repositioning is the practical part to repentance. Repentance is about making a tangible change for the better, but it's too holistic to be considered tactical. It tends to have the ethereal "Christian-ese" language attached to it. Although necessary, the term repentance comes with religious baggage. But it can't be overlooked. It's a primary step to making change. Repentance locates the forest of a new beginning, repositioning pinpoints the tree of rebirth.


Stage 07: Restoration

If you’re keeping up with the Samson Parallels, you may be tempted to save this stage for the very end of your life. You’ll read that Samson received honor at the very end of his narrative. What's more, his crowning act of restoration is what led to his honor.


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