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We are a strategy and design company.

The Bartley Group helps solopreneurs execute their goals through strategy and turns complex healthcare services into simple patient experiences through design. If you’re an individual who struggles with turning your ideas into business-oriented actions, you might benefit from a free consultation. And if your patients are frustrated, your providers have an inefficient point of care workflow or you have difficulty marketing your healthcare services in a simple, appealing and persuasive manner, you may need our help.

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Areas of Service


Corporate Identity branding

It can be difficult for healthcare companies to briefly, yet powerfully, explain what they do or sell. This problem also affects how they brand and market themselves. This is not just a visual design or strategic business challenge. It's a storytelling one.
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Idea-to-BUsiness mOdeling

One of the most frustrating experiences for solopreneurs with many ideas is implementation. And it is often because there isn’t a framework or model in place to visualize, test and improve those ideas. Let’s help you turn your ideas in a business-worthy venture.
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Patient experience Design

How do your patients wait “in line” to be taken care of? What’s the interaction between them, your providers and their personal health records? Both patients and physicians go through a user experience journey that affects the quality and efficiency of care.
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Brand Development

There’s a business. And then there’s a brand. A business delivers a product or service. A brand, however, promises an experience. Iconic brands don’t happen by accident. And we can guide you through the elements you’ll need to establish your own.
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Healthcare Digital Marketing

Can you share relevant stories that grab your patients’ attention? Knowing your brand identity and background story is one thing. However, natively sharing stories relevant to your customers on platforms they consume is quite another.
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Creative Problem Solving

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective to solve that nagging issue. Using the creative problem solving process, you can regain clarity, properly reframe your problems as achievable goals and generate new solutions. We can help facilitate that process.
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The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.
— Michael Porter


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