Your idea needs a model. Your model needs a strategy. Your strategy needs a story. And your story needs people. We are those people. Let's work.



Business modeling

You might have an awesome idea, but unless you build strategy around it, that's all it will be—an idea. Let's reframe your thoughts into a strategic model that may also make you a profit.


Brand Development

Already have a business model that works? Great! Let's take your existing products and services and craft a compelling narrative that ties them all together to create an irresistible promise.


Social Influence

If you have all the elements of a successful business, are still stuck, you may need to build conversation around your product and services. Let's make you an influencer online with well-designed content.


Critical thinking Process

Whether you have one idea or many and can't decide which one to focus on, we'll not only help you prioritize, but also dig deeper into what you really want to do by asking a series of crucial questions.

Creative Problem Solving

Once we've assisted you with narrowing down and refining the singular idea you want to work with, we'll apply elements of the creative problem solving process to begin operationalizing your ambition.


Business Modeling

Thinking is great. Modeling is even better. This is how you will discover and choose whether or not your want to pursue your idea as a business venture or profitable hobby. Business modeling will save you time and money, while optimizing your ability to test and explore where your idea needs strategic improvement.

What is Strategy?

Strategy is not just about creating a plan, but making hard decisions in order to position your business for sustainable competitive advantage. It isn't about creating options, but distilling them into choices that will limit you to implementing the ones that will make you a winner in your market niche.



Oftentimes, it's not what you say, but how you say it. And your how, ironically, is tremendously affected by what you say. Choosing the appropriate words and phrases goes beyond a clever tagline or blog title. Let's refine your messaging hierarchy to transition your customers from simply buying to becoming loyal.


People rally around a good story. It's how we're wired. It's also the most effective way to get leads and current customers get excited around your products and services—especially when you begin to frame them (and not your business) as the hero. Let's build your brand through narrative design.


Content Marketing

We love Content Marketing Institute's definition of content marketing: A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. You need it. And we'll help you.

WHat is Branding?

We also love Seth Godin's definition of branding: A brand is a set of stories, expectations, relationships and memories that causes someone to choose your product or service over the competitor's every time. Branding is about crafting a clear promise and potent experience for customer loyalty. Let's build together.


Social Media

Whether you like it or not, if you want to do business at scale, you have to influence at scale. And influencing at scale is now easier than ever, because it's happening online. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are how successful brands effectively communicate. Let's help you build a social media strategy to improve and increase your social influence.


Just because the internet is winning at the affordability and accessibility of scalable social influence, doesn't mean printed (or digital) publications are irrelevant. Books, white papers, reports, infographics and other publications are still highly effective at providing value, establishing credibility and starting a conversation. Let's help you become the conversation-starter for your market niche.



At the end of the day, being influential boils down to people. People must like (or at least respect) you. People must relate to you. People must believe and believe in you. How? It begins one conversation at a time. Learn how to engage with individuals at events or meetups, without turning it into a business card trading show. We'll help you.

What is Influence?

Social Influence extends beyond the internet and social media. At the core is effective communication that builds credibility, elicits emotion and provides value. Nate Smitha from Simply Measured defines influence based on three key attributes: Relevance, Reach, and Resonance. Let's help you to effectively communicate your brand.



This is a personal development + strategy program designed to motivate and mobilize the Leader, Creative or Entrepreneur who has already tasted their success, but misapplied their talent and now have a hard time starting again. We call these antiheroes. They usually have a hard time moving beyond their past.


This isn't for individuals who haven't encountered a major incident that prevents them from moving on from their past and living with purpose. It's not for the one who is simply curious about the program. It is also not for the person who just needs strategic consulting. Those services are provided above.



Your problem isn't a discipline or resourcefulness issue to lead again, or create more amazing work or to start another business. Your challenge is successfully letting go of your past failures—usually a major incident—through reframing your personal story and then using your new narrative to drive your leadership, creativity or startup. You don't need more tactics and how-to's—yet. You first need to reframe your mistakes and leverage them for purposeful living again.


Using a research-based framework developed by The Bartley Group, you will go through a 7-step process, called The Antihero's Journey, that will reshape your worldview, recreate your personal narrative and then re-fulfill your purpose with our strategic consulting. At the root of your issue is doubt or shame. It is the shame of you once dropping the ball or doubt of missing the mark. We strategically transform that into what you'll need to move forward with purpose.